Winged Brush Co.

Your miniatures painted awesome!

Who do we think we are?

We are Gert d'Hollander (from Belgium) and Pascal Rooze (from the Netherlands) .We decided to do commission work for those who like to have great painted models on their gaming tables, or in their display cabinets.

After having won a few local painting events, Gert felt his skills had improved enough to have his skills be shared throughout the world. Later on, he became finalist, and Gold winner of the 40K single category at Games Workshop's Lowlands Painting Competition 2011. He has seen his share of Golden Daemon contests, and has earned several finalist pins at that! 
Gert is a lover of all that is dark, chaotic and evil, and prides himself in creating new and dramatic poses in his conversions. His style is raw, yet refined.

Pascal also scored well on that same Lowlands Painting Competion, with no less than 4 golds, and the Overall Winner. He just recently entered his first two Golden Daemons, Germany and UK, having earned his first finalist pin in the latter.
Pascal is a fan of comics, and the use of bright, contrasting colors and dynamic scenes reflects this. He has a killer freehand style.


We COULD do quick army schemes, drybrush a lot and sell the commission for a buck per model, but we feel that there are enough commission painters out there who can provide in that! What those painters like those hold as 'awesome quality', top-notch stuff and best-of-the-best, we regard as our standard quality! And we can even improve on that!

We do not have prices for 'a single model', or 'a cavalry model' etc. Send us a message with what models you would like to have painted, and in what way/ special requests you have with that. 
Each and every model will be looked at in a perspective of level of difficulty, level of detail, special requests (like freehands, use of Non-Metallic Metal, Original Source Lighting, etc) and required time. Taking those factors into account, we will send a message back with our price for that particular commission.

We prefer to clean and even assemble all models ourselves - this way we can make sure that the model itself is as flawless as possible, which will enhance the overall quality of the model.

But in ANY case, just contact us with your wishes, your likes and dislikes, and general ideas, and we will be glad to help you define your own models!